The MindSmith Group

Leadership, training and employee engagement at the heart of your business - where it matters most

Do you want build an engaged, loyal and committed culture?

Naturally. But perhaps the real question to consider is "how can I use the resources I already have to boost results?"

The Mindsmith Group is a creative, values-based training, development and culture-change company that knows how to stand out. We make a difference by delivering high impact programs that get us to the heart of employee motivation, creating significant change in business and personal performance.

Put simply: by working with TheMindSmith Group we will enable you to achieve better results by using the people you already have.

You know how most hospitality businesses typically have a problem with communication & staff retention?

That's what we fix.

Could your leaders deliver more value?

Effective leadership is the cornerstone to business success.

We can assist you to equip your Leaders with better skills for communication, understanding and provide them with tools for managing initiatives.

Ask us how...

Have trainings lost their buzz?

  • Could your trainings benefit from a shot in the arm?
  • Does training stop working after a few months?
  • Are your workers truly excited about training?

Our trainings engage, excite and motivate every time.

Let us help...

Are your employees brand ambassadors?

If you have spent time and money investing in an external brand, this can soon be diluted if your staff have little to no understanding of how to represent it. That means time, money, effort and enthusiasm is wasted.

Your employees should be your loudest advocates for your business.

If they are not, ask us how we can help...

The MindSmith Group creates simple, hospitality engagement programmes that deliver consistently effective results.

The past two days surrounded by shiny happy people secluded in a cool comfortable meeting room was a very rewarding experience for me. Everyone I heard from expressed the same sense of sessions providing improved confidence and enhanced awareness to use the techniques and methods learned.

Jeff Walker

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